Antje Martins

Researcher at University of Queensland Business School

Brisbane, Australia

Antje Martins is an expert in sustainable tourism management, with industry and research backgrounds in sustainability management for tourism businesses, business strategies, sustainable hospitality workforce, and creating sustainable value for destination stakeholders.

Antje currently works as a PhD Candidate / Academic at the University of Queensland. Prior to joining academia, Antje has worked in tourism and hospitality for more than 15 years across several countries such as Germany, France and Australia. With the aim of helping to minimize the impact of the tourism and hospitality industry on its social, cultural and ecological environment, she focuses on educating and mentoring future industry leaders. To help the industry improve further, Antje has also started her PhD on the topic of sustainable workforce.

Previously she served as the Training and Corporate Project Manager at EarthCheck, the world's leading scientific certification and advisory group for travel and tourism, as well as managing the EarthCheck Training Academy. Training development and delivery, speaking engagements and workshop facilitation has always been an integral part of her journey, including on-the-job training of new staff, facilitating climate change workshops, speaking at industry conventions and delivering training courses online or face-to-face. She is a Certified Asia Pacific Visitor Economy Expert through the Pacific Asia Tourism Association (PATA).

She serves as a Trainer for the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).