Denise Landau

Co-Founder, Board Member at Linking Tourism and Conservation

United States

Denise Landau combines her love of natural history and expedition travel with a focus on environmental protection and education. She seeks polar moments such as seeing the breath of a polar bear, walrus playing on the waters edge, any cetacean skimming the water’s surface, birds feeding on what appears to be microscopic animals. Whether she is watching animals or looking at polar flowers, or sea butterflies she adores the natural world and loves to be immersed in it.  Her Swarovski binoculars and scope are always at a hand’s reach. 
Currently Denise owns an environmental consulting company-working on projects on multiple continents She is the President of “Friends of South Georgia Island” and is also a Trustee for the Scottish charity, South Georgia Heritage Trust. Both Sub-Antarctic South Georgia organizations were actively involved in overseeing a highly respected and successful Habitat Restoration project to rid South Georgia of rodents in order to restore it’s bird populations—back to its original numbers. She is a Board Member and past Acting President for the American Polar Society and founding and board member of Linking Tourism and Conservation. Recently she became a fellow for the Canadian Royal Geographical Society and looking at how to create projects in order to benefit all organizations she’s involved in.

Denise shared her views on Tourism and Biodiversity in our recent panel article tackling the question: „How can tourism help combat the global biodiversity crisis? What examples and solutions inspire you?