Jasmin Hadorn

CSR Manager at ASI Reisen


Jasmin is CSR Manager at the Austria-based travel company ASI Reisen.
Originally from Switzerland, Jasmin studied Tourism with the focus on Sustainability and Development at the University of Applied Sciences in Chur. She is passionate about creating a form of travel that contributes to the sustainable development of local communities around the world, using tourism as a tool to foster the positive and respectful interaction between people. After her studies, Jasmin moved to Jordan, where she had the chance to work for the local tour operator Ashtar Tours.
Understanding the local perspectives and challenges is a key takeaway that Jasmin implements in her work today at ASI. She is proud to work for a company that represents her values and emphasizes the importance of improving its impact -  through constant cooperation with its partners.
Outside of ASI, Jasmin occasionally works as a project supporter at responsibility, an Austria-based consultancy on sustainability in tourism.