Linking Tourism and Conservation


Linking Tourism & Conservation (LT&C) is based on the compelling idea that tourism, the industry that benefits so much from protected natural areas, can play the most critical role in ensuring their sustained and effective management world-wide. By identifying and highlighting specific examples, LT&C facilitates the sharing of knowledge, experience and effective practices that mutually benefit tourism and nature conservation in protected areas.


LT&C searches and promotes initiatives, projects or businesses globally, that represent an outstanding example of tourism supporting the establishment, management or the further development of (a) protected area(s).

LT&C-Examples are world-leading cases where tourism supports financially, politically or by ways of education the establishment or development of protected areas. They are best-practice cases supporting the "30x30 Goal" of achieving a global network of protected areas by 2030 covering 30% of the world's marine and terrestrial space.

Tourism and Biodiversity

LT&C has partnered with TrainingAid on the expert panel on tourism and biodiversity - Nature Positive Tourism as a Solution for Protecting, Restoring and Reviving Biodiversity