Mario Mellado

Founder at Nave Tours


I am the founder and director of Nave Tours (Chile) and Ecomorro (Brazil). I also design custom programs for Nanook. Travel (Norway) and (Italy). For Nanook I also manage the Latin American network of providers.

I have worked in tourism since 2006 and I also worked in the human resources area of companies carrying out experiential training activities.

With Nave Tours we have a network of local operators with sustainable practices with which we design programs throughout Latin America. Our focus is to generate experiences that really leave a positive impact on our clients and the destinations they visit. We take the time to understand what our clients are looking for before giving a quote. We are not sellers of tourism programs, we are creators of experiences!!

With Ecomorro we are doing exploration of the Tinharé archipelago, Bahia, Brazil, where we are identifying routes and natural attractions, as well as the cultural potential of its inhabitants. Here we focus on creating a sustainable destination as opposed to the beach and party tourism that currently exists. Personally, I live in this place and from here I am connected to a large work network. I live in connection with nature and with the world on the network.

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