Nia Klatte

Responsible Tourism Consultant, ESG & Sustainability Specialist

Augsburg, Germany

Nia Klatte is a responsible tourism specialist with extensive experience in capacity building, ESG strategy development and sustainable tourism standards and certification. Nia holds a Masters in Tourism and Social Anthropology from the University of Brighton and combines her passion for sustainable development with the travel and hospitality industry.

In her role as a sustainability consultant, she supports tourism companies on their path to greater social responsibility and environmental friendliness. Nia develops ESG roadmaps, provides guidance on policies and action plans, coordinates sustainability workshops and training, conducts ESG reporting and contributes to supply chain management initiatives.

As a Sustainability Project Manager at Considerate Group, she managed ESG advisory projects and looked after major hotel clients worldwide. Prior to that, Nia worked in Southeast Asia for seven years as a Sustainability Coordinator for two of the leading destination management companies, EXO Travel and Khiri Travel, where she was responsible for developing social and environmental strategies and implementing climate change mitigation measures. She also gained extensive experience in sustainability certifications - within a year she helped Khiri Travel become the first DMC to be Travelife certified in all its 7 destinations. Through her involvement in various regional working groups and consultancy projects, Nia has gained further expertise in the field of responsible tourism development at destination level.

Since 2021, Nia has been a GSTC Sustainable Tourism Trainer, reflecting her commitment to promoting sustainable practices in the tourism industry.