Sally Guillaume

Director at Undiscovered Mountains Ltd


Sally has always been passionate about the environment and the outdoors and originally trained as a science and outdoor education teacher. She then retrained as a broadcast journalist with the aim of communicating to a broader audience, which she did at the BBC for four years. In 2005, she decided to live by her principles and moved to the French Alps and set up Undiscovered Mountains, a responsible travel company, with the aim of making the beautiful and authentic Southern French Alps accessible to all.

Sally believes that experiencing adventure in the mountains first hand and immersing all one's senses in the natural environment engenders an appreciation for it and, consequently, a motivation to protect it. This is the ultimate mission of Undiscovered Mountains and Sally. Sally lives in the French Alps destination and is married to Bernard Guillaume, the head guide and nature expert of Undiscovered Mountains and has two children, Annie and Tommy.

Sally shared the informative examples of the Alpine Winter Eco-Challenge by Undiscovered Mountains in form of a case study in our resources!