Expert Team at TrainingAid


TrainingAid is an international tourism e-learning company offering online training courses and skills development opportunities for tourism professionals. With the mission of investing in people’s potential to help build sustainable solutions for the travel and tourism industry, TrainingAid provides practical, flexible and accessible learning opportunities for professionals around the world - from entrepreneurs, business owners, community leaders, to students and career seekers.

TrainingAid collaborates with tourism industry leaders and experts to develop and deliver online, on-demand and live training courses on key topic areas including business growth and development, marketing strategy, effective communications and storytelling, sustainability practices and supply chain management.

Translating knowledge, data, and resources into practical tools, online training tools offer exciting opportunities to maximize the benefits of professional training. Online training is also a convenient and cost-effective way to enhance existing training efforts by diversifying training approaches, adding value to existing training programs, and offering easier access to flexible learning opportunities to participants from different parts of the world.

We are a company built on and driven by our core values, which support sustainable development, ethical and responsible business practices, and sound management based on long-term visions.