Image of a flower demonstrating the impact we have.

Our aim is to help build sustainable solutions for tourism by investing in people through effective training, education, and capacity building. This is a hefty goal. But given the massive potential tourism has to generate positive impacts, we are convinced empowering people to achieve their own potentials is one of the most effective ways of creating meaningful change within and through our industry.

Here are some of the key ways we are making a difference ...



We showcase what positive impacts of tourism - when done well - can look like.

By amplifying these stories and examples, we help more people visualize what sustainable tourism means, and what is possible when we put the power of tourism to good use.

Our Panels and Interviews feature real life examples, insights and lessons.

Our Ideas & Insights pieces provide in-depth views of key sustainability topics and issues.



We share our own experiences and lessons learned, so others can benefit from our insights.

Our business is focused on knowledge sharing, so sharing our own knowledge is a natural part of what we do to create positive impact.

Our articles on Thoughts on Training provide lessons on effective training, why skills matter, how to support capacity building in tourism, and more.

We've also shared our research on skills development for industry professionals, based on insights from tourism industry employers and employees.



We contribute to discussions on sustainable tourism challenges and solutions.

We've been part of webinars and virtual panels, offered lectures and presentations, supported research programs, joined podcast interviews, and found many other ways of sharing knowledge, focused on sustainable tourism, tourism training, sustainability skills, and training in sustainability.

We consider it a key part of our mission to inspire others, especially those outside of the usual sustainable tourism circles (students, those who are new to this field, those who are not yet engaged in the topic), and welcome various opportunities to share our stories and be part of conversations in different groups.



We support organizations and initiatives that are pushing the sustainability agenda forward in our industry.

We are a proud member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), which is a leading industry organization responsible for the process of developing and managing the global baseline standards of sustainability for travel and tourism.

We are a signatory of the Future of Tourism Coalition, a coalition among six leading NGOs focused on sustainable tourism that have come together for a shared goal: to place destination needs at the center of tourism’s new future.

We are a long-time member of the Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency community, and a launch partner of the Glasgow Declaration.