Partnership for Nature

LT&C: Towards a Gobal Network of Protected Areas

TrainingAid collaborates with LT&C (Linking Tourism and Conservation), the leading initiative promoting sustainable tourism in the world's national parks and protected natural areas, to share examples and lessons on how tourism can positively support the protection of marine and land-based ecosystems.

Expert Team at TrainingAid

LT&C Examples: outstanding examples of tourism supporting protected areas

Promoting Tourism Best Practices for Nature

Linking Tourism and Conservation (LT&C) is a nature conservation NGO supporting the expected UN-Goal of creating a global protected area network by 2030, which covers 30% of the different marine and terrestrial ecosystems and habitats on earth (the "30×30 Goal"). LT&C works to make the tourism industry a leading actor contributing to the 30×30 Goal, through knowledge sharing, education, network building and advocacy.

TrainingAid is pleased to partner with LT&C, starting with our cooperation in developing and disseminating the virtual panel article on tourism and biodiversity - "Nature Positive Tourism as a Solution for Protecting, Restoring and Reviving Biodiversity" - including contributions by LT&C leaders and members.

Our partnership supports LT&C's work in:

  • Identifying and profiling best cases (LT&C-Examples);
  • Promoting and educating stakeholders about LT&C Example destinations;
  • Facilitating collaborative efforts to replicate best practices;
  • Working with and supporting partners helping create tangible solutions for conservation;
  • Helping tourism align with the UN-Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD);
  • Building a global network of tourism and conservation advocates.

More about LT&C and Its Members

LT&C provides examples from all over the world, where tourism supports national parks or other types of protected areas.

LT&C is a global network of members ("penguins") with competence and interests in both tourism and conservation, creating synergy and facilitating the sharing of knowledge and expertise among our members.

Why Tourism and Conservation?

Tourism depends on nature.

Since 2012, more than 1 billion people travel as tourists to areas of natural beauty and wildlife. The effects of the tourism system on our natural environment is increasingly important.  50% of all tourists visiting foreign countries make use of protected areas (IUCN).

Tourism can help protect natural areas.

5% of the global annual revenue of existing national parks would meet the figure needed for the management of a complete global network of protected areas. There are many initiatives in sustainable, responsible and/or ecotourism in the world that support the establishment, management or the further development of (a) protected area(s), or a conservation initiative in a natural area. This is done by means of finances, education or political action.

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