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Our most shared articles of 2015 from the TrainingAid Ideas & Insights Blog. As we welcome the year 2016, here's a quick look back at some of the key tourism, training, business and sustainability-related topics we've discussed and explored in the past year.

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As we look forward to finding new opportunities and sharing fresh ideas in 2016, let's take a quick look back at some of the key tourism, training, business and sustainability-related topics we've discussed and explored in the past year. Here are some of our most shared and most talked-about articles of 2015, curated here around the three main categories focused on business, marketing and sustainability.

Business Growth & Development

By assisting professional skills development and supporting sound business strategies, we aim to help travel and tourism businesses - particularly small and local businesses - achieve their goals of healthy growth and successful business development. Focusing on talent development to foster innovation in the long-term, and building solid strategies based on current industry trends and market data, as discussed in the articles below, are a key part of such goals.

Tourism Talent Development: Thoughts on Education, Innovation and Employment OpportunitiesTrainingAid Tourism Talent Development

The issue of talent development in tourism is not just about employment opportunities for those seeking to work in tourism; it’s also a critical component of the growth of the industry, because knowledge is what makes innovation possible.

Marketing & Communications

There is no question that effective marketing and communications practicels are a critical part of any tourism business or destination. Rather than simply broadcasting one-way promotional messages or marketing aimlessly to the masses, today's smart travel and tourism marketing focuses on the quality of the connections that brands builds with their audiences and on engaging travelers through stories. Here are just a couple of articles on marketing and communications that have been shared most by our readers - highlighting key insights about the nature of travel marketing (or rather, storytelling and community engagement) today.     

Travel Storytelling: How Can Stories Help Destination Marketing?TrainingAid Travel Storytelling for Destinations

Experiences. People. Memories. How can storytelling be used for destination marketing in a way that gets travelers excited about experiencing all that your destination offers?


Is Blogging an Effective Content Marketing Tool for Travel Brands?Travel Blogging Tips for Brands

Blogging Benefits, How-To's & Ideas for Travel Brands

"Should I blog?" is a question that many small tourism businesses and travel websites face. With this in mind, here are some thoughts on blogging and its benefits, as well as tips on how to make blogging an effective part of content marketing.

Sustainability + Competitiveness

We believe that sustainable tourism practices - treating people and places with respect, doing business in a smart and efficient manner, and making decisions based on sound long-term vision and values - are, and should be, a fundamental part of what makes a tourism business or a destination successful. As our top articles on the sustainability-related topics show, competitiveness and sustainability are not at odds with each other; on the contrary, sustainability is an essential part of what makes the travel and tourism industry healthy, strong and resilient.

Destination Best PracticesSustainable Destination Best Practices: How to Find and Promote Your Message

Find and Promote Your Message. Share Your Sustainability Stories. Best practices and effective strategies for tourism destinations to promote their sustainability stories in an authentic and engaging way.

Educating Travelers about Responsible TourismResponsible Tourism: Whose Responsibility Is It to Educate Travelers?

Some examples of organizations and programs aimed at educating travelers about responsible travel. These are great resources for tourism businesses that are seeking to play a role in helping their customers travel more responsibly.