Carla Danelutti

Spatial Planning and Ecosystem Resilience Programme Coordinator at IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation


Carla is an environmental scientist and a forester devoting her career to conservation, focusing on protected area management, planning, and promotion, while supporting the role of protected areas as drivers of conservation and benefits for communities. After several years implementing several EU-funded international project on ecotourism design and monitoring (DestiMED) and of Protected Areas management  effectiveness, she is now working as a coordinator of the Ecosystem Resilience and Spatial planning department at the IUCN Center for Mediterranean Cooperation.

Carla has been integral to the establishment and creation of the Mediterranean Ecotourism Network Association, a network of Mediterranean protected areas working collectively to develop, manage, and promote ecotourism at scale in the region. She is the current Secretary of the MEET Network and serve as a Treasurer of the Board. 
Working at IUCN Centre for Mediterranean cooperation, she is also part of the IUCN Green List Operations team for Italy and Spain and member of the IUCN World Commission of Protected Areas (WCPA) and its TAPAS (Tourism & Protected Areas Specialist) Group.
During her career Carla has contributed to protected area conservation, capacity enhancement, and local development in several countries of the Mediterranean, including: Italy, France, Spain, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. She has relevant experience in EU funds, project conception, drafting and management, having fundraised more than 1.5 Million euros during her career at IUCN.