Our Values

We are passionate about the world of travel and tourism and are committed to creating and sharing opportunities that help promote tourism’s positive impacts. We are a company built on and driven by our core values, which support sustainable development, ethical and responsible business practices, and sound management based on long-term visions.

Here are the core values which we strive to live by as part of everything we do at TrainingAid:

Invest in People’s Potential

As those of us who are engaged in the travel and tourism field know, tourism is a people industry where the “products” are much more than what money can buy: memories, friendships, and new perspectives. Rather than the kinds of sights included in a tour or the number of stars a hotel has, it’s the things like the stories told by a tour guide or the meals shared with local hosts that travelers talk about, long after they’ve returned home.

The knowledge and skills of the people who create, promote and deliver quality travel experiences, therefore, play a critical role in determining the performance of any tourism business.

"People are a unique source of value and competitive advantage, driving innovation, delivering quality tourism services and supporting sustainable tourism development." (Supporting Quality Jobs in Tourism, OECD Tourism Papers 2015/02)

We believe that the “human capital” is the most important asset in the tourism industry, and seek to make a meaningful contribution by helping invest in the people who make up this great industry.

Make Learning Practical

The number one challenge that all professionals face in investing in their knowledge and skills is time constraint. We’re all busy with our daily responsibilities and the requirements of our regular work, and committing to additional tasks is often difficult, if not impossible. Having worked in the fields of travel and tourism ourselves, we appreciate this reality, and wholeheartedly believe that tourism professionals need learning opportunities that are practical: applicable to their real-life on-the-job experiences, and relevant to their specific skills building needs.

We aim to create practical learning experiences for tourism professionals by providing applicable and relevant industry insights and incorporating opportunities for learning by doing - practicing new skills and applying new knowledge to build useful solutions.

Make Learning Accessible

It’s not the lack of talent or ability that hinders tourism industry professionals from achieving success. The main challenge is often a lack of access to opportunities, and that’s where we want to help. We see a tremendous potential that technology offers to both improve access and enhance the quality of professional development opportunities.

Online training tools offer exciting opportunities to maximize the benefits of professional training, helping transform knowledge, data, and resources into practical solutions. It is also a convenient and cost-effective way to diversify training approaches and to provide easier access to flexible learning opportunities for participants from around the world.

So at TrainingAid, we aim to take full advantage of online tools to make learning more accessible, while promoting what matters most in learning and everything else that we do: human connections.

Help Build Sustainable Solutions

We believe that investing in people through effective training, education, and capacity building is one of the most important ways to achieve social good and build sustainable solutions. And we believe - as idealistic as we may be - that we can make a difference for the future of the global travel and tourism industry through people-focused, practical, accessible and meaningful learning opportunities.

With the goal of helping tourism professionals build sustainable solutions for the industry, we hope to share inspiration for positive change, and support sustainable tourism innovations.

As part of our efforts to strive towards these ideals, we are proud to work with and support the work of many local and global tourism industry organizations.