Daniela Ruiz

Tourism Sustainability Manager at ERC Australia


Daniela is the Tourism Sustainability Manager at ERC Australia. She is currently helping tourism and hospitality businesses with developing emissions reduction plans that can be easily communicated with visitors and stakeholders. Originally from Patagonia, Chile, she has been living in Australia since 2012. Daniela discovered her passion for travel and tourism on her first solo trip at 14 when she lived in Alaska for seven months. She believes that travel is the greatest form of education, and has made her career about encouraging others to travel meaningfully.
Daniela has a Master’s degree in International Sustainable Tourism Management from Monash University and holds a certificate in Sustainable Tourism from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. She moved to Tasmania in 2019 to work for Tourism Tasmania for almost four years in the industry and partnerships team. She then moved to the Department of State Growth as a Project Manager to support the Tourism and Hospitality unit. While working at the Department, Daniela represented Tasmania in the development of the first National Sustainability Framework for the Visitor Economy in Australia. This framework sets out a common understanding and vision for sustainable tourism in Australia. She has worn many hats in the industry, including hospitality, customer service, operations, marketing and industry development roles.