Evie Ndhlovu

Program Manager EMEA at Planeterra



Evie is a Zimbabwean with a passion for community development and Indigenous tourism. From a very young age she has been actively engaged in social work and developmental roles that saw her pursuing a career in community service and global development.

As a native from a tourist attraction, she has a first hand experience of how if done correctly, tourism can have a positive impact for local and indigenous communities. She holds a degree in Economic Development and Management from Monash University and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Global Development.

Evie is very passionate about sustainable tourism and micro-economical business training for Indigenous entrepreneurs.She is an activist for equality and has experience in development roles that spans over 10 years. Evie believes that there are a very few problems in life that can’t be fixed with a smile or a hug. Since 2017, Evie has been proud to be a part of the Planeterra team in Southern and East Africa, working hard to communicate Planeterra’s message and share the stories of the partners in her region.