Jayni Gudka

CEO at Unseen Tours

London, United Kingdom

Jayni's work creates synergies between people who have experienced marginalization, and the tourism, events, and heritage industries.

In London, she's CEO at Unseen Tours - a multi-award winning social enterprise that provides opportunities for people affected by homelessness to curate and lead their own walking tours. Each tour is developed by the guide that runs it and includes stories from their communities and their own experiences of homelessness in the narrative, helping increase understanding of and challenge negative stereotypes associated with homelessness.

Around the world - she helps marginalized people share their stories through various community-led tourism initiatives through her new social venture, "Sama Sama", having previously worked on other community-based tourism initiatives in The Gambia and experiential learning excursions across South East Asia.

Jayni has a masters in Responsible Tourism Management, where her research focused on how marginalised communities can be more authentically represented in walking tours of their own communities, and an earlier masters in Asian Politics, where she focused on land rights and tourism in Myanmar.