Kristin Dahl

Founder and CEO at Crosscurrent Collective LLC

Oregon, United States

Building resilient communities through sustainable travel and outdoor recreation

Crosscurrent founder and CEO Kristin Dahl is a pioneer in the travel and tourism industry, creating a unique niche in the burgeoning field of destination development. Kristin has a deep devotion to helping people understand, enjoy and preserve the world’s natural wonders, and she puts her strong leadership and organizational skills to work every day to do exactly that.

During Kristin’s 16-year tenure at Travel Oregon and Rural Development Initiatives, she helped frame the concept of community tourism in the Northwest, leading numerous teams in successfully developing Oregon into a premier travel destination. She devised innovative new ways for communities to build and manage sustainable tourism – most notably, designing and producing the Oregon Tourism Studio and the Oregon Outdoor Recreation Initiative. As part of this work, she focused extensively on unifying the public and private sectors in rural communities, bringing them together behind innovative strategies for sustainable economic development.

She has many years of experience working with a diverse array of community leaders to foster collaboration, develop big visions, home in on priority actions and ignite action. This has played out in the development of world-class outdoor recreation and agritourism experiences, as well as sustainable visitor transportation options. Kristin’s work has received recognition on the global stage by National Geographic, World Travel Market, and the Center for Responsible Travel.

Originally from Juneau, Alaska, Kristin started her career in tourism as a glacier and whitewater guide, an experience that has driven her career’s work to balance economic growth and tourism with stewardship of people and places.