Tom Harari

Product Manager at Pura Aventura

United Kingdom

Tom Harari is a sustainable and adventure travel specialist and product manager at Pura Aventura. Ever since 2003 when he spent a year working with communities in Costa Rica who were developing responsible tourism products, Tom has been passionate about integrating sustainable tourism practices into the product in order to both benefit the people and places being visited as well as enhancing the experience of those travelling to those places.

This passion and belief in the power of tourism as a force for good has shaped his careers. Following his time in Costa Rica and doing a Masters in Tourism, Environment & Development, Tom worked as a tour leader across various parts of Asia, Latin America and Africa before turning his hand to managing product for various tour operators, including spending time as Sustainable Tourism Manager at Exodus Travels, and setting up the Exodus Travels Foundation.

At Pura Aventura, sustainability is at the heart of the product through the partners they work with, experiences they develop and business model used. When not working on enhancing the Pura Aventura product and operations, most of Tom's time is spent being a dad to two lovely little girls.