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Empowerment Through Travel
Ideas and Insights
Travel enriches our lives. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to experience the joy of traveling can relate to this. But the opportunities to…
JDEI in Tourism
Beyond JDEI hashtags and campaigns, the travel and tourism industry still has a long way to go in becoming a truly just, diverse, equitable and…
On Learning to Make Conscious Decisions
Marianela Camacho (Professor, Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela) shares her sustainability journey, and her personal, academic and professional…
Sustainable Urban Tourism Ideas and Solutions for City Destinations
Ideas and Insights
Sustainable urban tourism solutions address issues such as accessibility, building resilience, climate actions and diversity.
Accessible Tourism Solutions for Businesses and Destinations
Ideas and Insights
(Updated 9th May 2023) How and why is accessible tourism key to sustainable development of destinations, and what can tourism businesses do to become…


Guide to Inclusive Experiences: Inclusive Guide Case Study
Case Study
Co-founded by Denver, Colorado-based entrepreneurs Crystal Egli and Parker McMullen Bushman, Inclusive Guide is an online community listing safe and…
Tourism for All
In this session, we will learn from Martin Heng, Accessible Travel Manager…
Inclusive Events
Dr. Faith Ong (Lecturer, University of Queensland Business School) shares her insights into creating inclusive opportunities in travel and tourism,…