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Mediterranean Ecotourism
TrainingAid supports the DestiMED Plus project as consultants, focused on providing advice and supporting research and development related to online…
Sustainable Investments in Tourism Projects: Managing Impacts and Benefits
Ideas and Insights
Three lessons on effectively managing small-, medium- and large-scale projects in sustainable tourism, with insights from our partners and expert…
Tourism Destination Management: The Travel Foundation Approach
The Travel Foundation's approach to developing and delivering projects, offering insights into effective management of tourism destinations.
Stakeholder Engagement for Sustainable Tourism Development
Ideas and Insights
How can we ensure tourism development brings positive changes and lasting benefits for community members?


Project Management in Sustainable Tourism
How-to Guide
Successful projects in sustainable tourism should ensure that tourism development funding and resources lead to achieving substantial results for…
Vanadzor Industrial Tourism Center
Case Study
The Vanadzor Industrial Tourism Center project supports the overall aim of strengthening tourism offerings of urban destinations by diversifying…
EU4Culture: Stronger Communities and Initiatives
Case Study
To take advantage of the natural and cultural assets and tourism potential of Shirak, Kotayq and Gegharkunik, the DVV International (Armenia) project…
Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Destination Development
Case Study
With the aim of making Seychelles an international best practice example for sustainable tourism, the Foundation is implementing a 5-year strategy…
Next Tourism Generation (NTG) Alliance
Case Study
The NTG project aims to provide a European and National Blueprint Strategy to respond to the fast changing and increasing skills gaps in digital,…
Nakatsugawa-Ena Tourism Council, Gifu, Japan
Case Study
Nakatsugawa-Ena Tourism Council is a joint tourism council of two small cities, Nakatsugawa (中津川) and Ena (恵那), Gifu Prefecture, Japan, and works to…
Funding Successful Projects
In this session, we will connect with tourism and development experts from around the world to discuss key questions related to effectively managing…