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Tourism and Sustainable Investing
The World Tourism Day 2023 theme "Tourism and Green Investments" calls to attention the need for sustainable investing solutions that deliver for…
Footprint Management for Hotels
TrainingAid is working with HRS to support the Green Stay Initiative, which support hotels with environmental footprint metrics and transparent…
Inspiring Positive Change through Educational Travel
Liz Tuck, Product and Sustainability Team Manager at World Challenge, a leading sustainable educational expeditions provider, shares her stories and…
Tackling the Climate Crisis and Moving Tourism Towards Sustainability
Born and brought up in India, Tanuvi Joe is a freelance writer dedicated to covering the climate crisis and how the tourism industry can transition…
Climate Action in Tourism
Can tourism become part of the solution to the climate crisis? Considering tourism is both contributing to and affected by the climate crisis, the…
Climate Positive Tourism
Ideas and Insights
Is carbon offsetting a part of the steps towards becoming climate positive? Is it a valid solution or just greenwashing? We will address these…
A Tour Operator's Climate Action Journey
Interview with Karina Moreton, Co-Founder and Impact Producer at Panoramic Journeys, sharing the tour operator's climate action efforts.
Our Climate Action Plan
TrainingAid News
Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency is a network of tourism industry organizations and professionals working together to promote concrete solutions…
TrainingAid Climate Action Plan Progress Report
TrainingAid News
In January 2020, we joined Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency, and committed to actions to address the climate crisis. We aim to achieve meaningful…
Tourism's Impact Beyond Travel Experiences
Ideas and Insights
As the industry continues on its slow and uneven paths of recovery, we would like to share some examples and stories of the positive impacts that…


Green Stay Webinar - Report, Reduce, Remove
Join this webinar to learn about the HRS Green Stay Initiative and the new solutions - the Emissions Compensation Program and the Green Stay…
Green Stay Criteria Overview - Basic Level
Get to know the Basic Level Criteria of the HRS Green Stay Initiative. Basic is the entry level for the Green Stay Initiative, open to all hotels…
Green Stay White Paper - Sustainable Corporate Travel
Continued climate change has put increasing pressure on countries, companies, and individuals, to act in line with international initiatives. The…
Green Stay Q&A
In this recorded session, Fabio Fornari, Product Manager for Sustainability at HRS answers key questions that hotels have about the HRS Green Stay…
Green Stay Performance Management
Green Stay allows you to showcase your sustainability performance, and enables business travellers to search for hotels that match their own…
Emissions Compensation Program
The Emissions Compensation Program is hotels that demonstrate energy efficiency and measures to reduce emissions as much as possible, according to…
HRS Green Stay Webinar
In this webinar we discuss how to future proof your hotel for a climate compliant business travel sector.
Ecotourism and Climate Change Adaptation: Chumbe Island Case Study
Case Study
Chumbe Island Coral Park Ltd. (CHICOP) is an award-winning private nature reserve focused on the conservation and sustainable management of the…
Carbon Reduction: STC Expeditions Case Study
Case Study
STC Expeditions, a leader in ethical school expeditions, has published a Carbon Action Plan, aiming at identifying the company’s current carbon usage…
Climate Action Plan: The Travel Corporation Case Study
Case Study
The Travel Corporation‘s (TTC) five-point Climate Action Plan, launched April 2021, guides the business towards carbon neutrality by 2030 or sooner,…
Becoming a Climate Positive Business: Intrepid Travel
Case Study
Dr. Susanne Etti, Environmental Impact Specialist at Intrepid Travel, shares her insights and lessons on how tourism businesses can get started on…
Intrepid Travel Climate Plan
In this session we will learn from Dr. Susanne Etti, Environmental Impact Specialist, Intrepid Travel. Susanne leads Intrepid’s climate action work,…