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Engaging Your Networks in Sustainable Tourism
TrainingAid News
We’re working together with the team at Travindy to develop solutions to help destinations and tourism organisations effectively engage businesses in…
Technology and Sustainable Tourism
From efficient resource use to better visitor management, the intersection of technology and sustainability presents important opportunities for…
New training opportunities for visitBerlin
TrainingAid is working with the Berlin Convention Office of visitBerlin to support the Sustainable Meetings Berlin programme, which support hotels,…
Tourism as a Tool for Development
Ameer Virani, a sustainable tourism development professional with many years of experience working in emerging tourism destinations, shares his hopes…
Empowerment Through Travel
Ideas and Insights
Travel enriches our lives. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to experience the joy of traveling can relate to this. But the opportunities to…
Tourism Destination Management: The Travel Foundation Approach
The Travel Foundation's approach to developing and delivering projects, offering insights into effective management of tourism destinations.
Destination Storytelling
Ideas and Insights
Experiences. Memories. People. How can destination storytelling be used effectively as part of marketing local experiences to travelers seeking…
Accessible Tourism Solutions for Businesses and Destinations
Ideas and Insights
(Updated 9th May 2023) How and why is accessible tourism key to sustainable development of destinations, and what can tourism businesses do to become…


Destination Engagement: Ride Albania Mountain Biking Case Study
Case Study
Ride Albania Mountain Biking, a social and ecological business offering small-group guided mountain bike tours, supports the development of mountain…
Great Malvern Farmers Market, Worcestershire, UK
Case Study
This example shows how the council worked on finding a solution for the farmers market re-launch and ensuring a long-term community benefit by…
Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Destination Development
Case Study
With the aim of making Seychelles an international best practice example for sustainable tourism, the Foundation is implementing a 5-year strategy…
Nakatsugawa-Ena Tourism Council, Gifu, Japan
Case Study
Nakatsugawa-Ena Tourism Council is a joint tourism council of two small cities, Nakatsugawa (中津川) and Ena (恵那), Gifu Prefecture, Japan, and works to…
Promoting Destination Sustainability Stories
How can you promote your destination's sustainability stories to successfully engage more travelers, and at the same time "keep it real" for your…
The Travel Foundation Project Examples
Salli Felton, CEO, The Travel Foundation, shares insights on sustainable destination management, and how to measure, understand and address various…
Sustainable Destination Management
View this Live Session recording to hear and learn about best practices in planning, developing and managing tourism at the destination level.
Mediterranean Ecotourism Project
This session will focus on socioeconomic impacts and local community benefits, and discuss how economic opportunities for the local community may be…