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Destination Stewardship


New training opportunities for visitBerlin
TrainingAid is working with the Berlin Convention Office of visitBerlin to support the Sustainable Meetings Berlin programme, which support hotels,…
Empowerment Through Travel
Ideas and Insights
Travel enriches our lives. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to experience the joy of traveling can relate to this. But the opportunities to…
Destination Storytelling
Ideas and Insights
Experiences. Memories. People. How can destination storytelling be used effectively as part of marketing local experiences to travelers seeking…


Great Malvern Farmers Market, Worcestershire, UK
Case Study
This example shows how the council worked on finding a solution for the farmers market re-launch and ensuring a long-term community benefit by…
Mediterranean Ecotourism Destination (DestiMED)
Case Study
DestiMED project aims to build pre-conditions for a Mediterranean destination management organization (DMO) to harmonize quality standards, and…
Promoting Destination Sustainability Stories
How can you promote your destination's sustainability stories to successfully engage more travelers, and at the same time "keep it real" for your…
Sustainable Destination Management
View this Live Session recording to hear and learn about best practices in planning, developing and managing tourism at the destination level.
Vail, Colorado Destination Example
Dr. Kim Langmaid shares her insights based on sustainability practices at Vail, Colorado, USA. She represents the Walking Mountains Science Center (…